About Us

The Soke Kinney Memorial Fund Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the idea that training in the martial arts, being one of the best choices a person can make, should never be financially out of reach. Soke Michael Kinney founded and operated his school, Kinney Karate, on this simple yet profound idea of working out of local community centers, in partnership with the Parks Department. Soke Kinney built a school that was accessible to almost everyone.

After his death in 2014, Kinney Karate continued to operate in Pinellas County Florida under the guidance and leadership of Grandmaster Susan Serota.

The value of martial arts training is incalculable. As any dedicated martial artist will tell you, it’s life-changing. Like anything else in this world, things of value cost money. Dedicated instructors, space, equipment, and insurance, are things that cost money. Far too often students have to drop out of classes not because they’re not dedicated, but because they simply can’t afford it. Sudden expenses, job loss, or any number of reasons can come up and create hardship.

In Michael's memory, we decided that maybe there was something we could do to help. We established this fund to help bridge that gap.

The initial goal is modest. We want to help students of Kinney Karate keep their training uninterrupted. We know how discouraging being forced to take long breaks can be and how easy such hardships can permanently derail a student’s training path. With your help, we can keep these students in class and on their path. The fund will be used to help students with tuition, equipment, and special events like our annual week-long summer camp.

Our eyes are also on the future. We envision a day where we are able to expand our scholarship program to other Florida martial arts schools and perhaps, with the generosity of people like you, even go national.

We recognize your donation as a true gift and take that responsibility seriously. Every dollar donated will go towards our efforts to help as many students as possible.